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Online Yoga Classes

Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of daily life? Ready to reclaim your inner peace and balance? Dav Jones, a senior yoga teacher with over 11 years of teaching yoga internationally, will guide you competently through yoga classes ranging from beginner through to the advanced practitioner. With classes to accommodate practitioners just starting yoga, classes teach the art of hand balancing and creative ways to flow with your body, Dav Jones Yoga will help you to awaken your body’s potential whilst bringing the spiritual practice of yoga into your daily life.

Regardless of your skill level, our classes offer a flexible approach to improving your health and well-being, empowering you to find confidence in your yoga practice and a sustainable approach to finding clarity of mind.

  • upward facing dog pose

    Start Class The Upward Facing Dog is a common yoga posture that features regularly in modern-day asana classes. Learning the fundamentals and techniques of Upward Facing [...]

  • Crow Pose foundations Class

    Start Class Welcome to Crow PoseFoundations, a specialized class designed to introduce and deepen your understanding and practice of one of yoga's most iconic arm balances. [...]

  • Downward Dog Pose

    Start Class Welcome to Dav Jones Yoga, where our specialised classes will help you experience the essence of yoga. This session, which is appropriate for beginners [...]

  • Chaturanga Foundations - Shoulder Placement

    Start Class Chaturanga Dandasana or Four Limbed Staff Pose, features frequently in the modern-day Vinyasa practice. Join Dav for Chaturanga Foundations where he’ll break down the [...]

  • surya namaskar c

    Start Class Jon Dav for a breakdown of Surya Namaskar C. Dav will guide you through each of the Surya Namaskar C postures explaining the fundamental [...]

  • Surya Namaskar B

    Start Class Join Dav in this Surya Namskar B or Sun Salutation B pose breakdown. Dav dissects each posture of this 19 pose sequence, sharing [...]

  • Surya Namaskar A

    Start Class Welcome to Dav Jones Yoga. This class Dav breaks down Sun Salutation A. This sequence features a lot in the modern-day vinyasa yoga [...]

  • Hip Mobility Flow Class

    Start Class Start on a transformative journey with our Hip Mobility Flow class, tailored to enhance your hip mobility, and freedom of movement. During this [...]

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Transform Your Practice with Dav Jones Yoga

At Dav Jones Yoga, we’re passionate about bringing the transformative power of yoga into your life, wherever you are. With our specially curated yoga online courses and classes, we make it easy for you to dive into the world of yoga from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to deepen your practice, Dav Jones Yoga classes feature different categories of classes like posture tutorials, functional joint mobility classes and peak pose sequences which guide the practitioner towards a specific asana (yoga posture).

Online Yoga Classes at Your Own Pace
  • Yoga with flexible timeframes: With classes ranging from 20 minutes through to 90 minutes the practitioner has the choice to select the necessary timeframe depending on there available time.
Learn from Dav Jones
  • Personal Guidance in Every Session: When you join our classes, Dav’s teaching is thorough and provides a step-by-step teaching approach that makes you feel supported and in good hands with an experienced teacher. Check out the asana tutorial classes to receive a step-by-step approach on guidance through specific poses like Downward Facing Dog, Chaturanga, Warrior 3 and many more.
Explore a Variety of Poses
  • A Rich Library of Poses: From the strength-building Tittibhasana to the graceful Dancer Pose, DJY classes cover a wide library of poses. Each class aims to develop the practitioners understanding of the yoga asana practice, whilst also feeling more confident in their movement capabilities.
Join Our Community
  • Connect with Fellow Yogis: Our platform isn’t just about practicing yoga; it’s about becoming part of a community. Share your progress, ask questions, and enjoy the support of fellow yoga enthusiasts from around the world.
Start Your Yoga Journey Today
  • Easy to Start: Signing up for the monthly membership tier on the Dav Jones Yoga Patreon channel is at a reasonable £4.50 per month. Just visit our website, select any of the Patreon logo’s featured on the DJY website or even choose the class or course that interests you, taking you through to the DJY Patreon channel. No prior experience is required, and you can progress at your own pace.
Why Choose Dav Jones Yoga?

Yoga Made Accessible: We believe yoga should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we’ve created a range of classes that cater to all levels, from beginners and to those seeking more intermediate/advanced yoga classes. With Dav Jones Yoga, you’re not just doing yoga; you’re creating a sustainable movement practice for longevity your own well-being.

I’ve done yoga on and off for 20 years, tried various styles, with different teachers, in different countries. Then I met Davin. If ever there was a person whose dharma is to teach yoga, it’s definitely Davin! He leads by his own personal devotion to yoga and his self-discipline is an inspiration and a motivation in itself.
Lindsay Ratcliffe, London
Dav’s passion and genuine commitment to all aspects of yoga is inspiring. His classes are always perfectly paced, challenging yet playful, without being impossible. He is attentive and provides gentle adjustments and useful tips and his knowledge of anatomy and physiology is really impressive. Plus his music playlists are awesome!
Camila Moraes, Ashtanga Primary Series | India 2014
Dav’s passion for yoga is palpable in every single one of his classes. His positivity and strength are infectious and an inspiration to keep pursuing this practice. He has the uncanny ability to keep the flow moving in a room full of people, whilst giving individual attention to those who need it. Dav’s meticulous approach to every session translates to challenging sessions that stimulate body, mind, and soul.
Camila Moraes, Calgary, Canada