I am so pleased that I discovered your online yoga classes. I have enjoyed them very much and my practice has definitely improved even in a relatively short spell of time. I am particularly impressed at how easy your instructions are to follow despite not being in the same room and despite the poses being quite challenging. Things that I could do, I can now do better and things that I could not do, I am now thrilled to be able to do so.

My only regret is that I cannot make more of your classes due to work clashes. However, work is all the more effective because of the balance that I have found from the yoga with you.

I wish you well on your return to Doha and am glad that the COVID lockdown has enabled me to be one of your students. You are a very good teacher and I will do my best to join your classes from Doha.

Cheng Hock

In practicing alternative healing, which is a career path I no longer follow, I learned the concept of being an empty vessel. Far from being hollow or without offering, being the empty vessel as an ideal means–for the practitioner–coming to each patient open and unburdened by past experiences (or the last patient, or the list of things to do, or . . . ). Being present is a piece of this concept, but being present without judgement or fear, without preconceived notion, without agenda, with nothing–empty–that is the key. It is no easy task.

Similarly, in mask work–if you’ve heard of commedia dell’arte–there are a set of character masks, each with its own fixed set of characteristics that must be observed strictly by the wearer. Then there is the neutral mask, which is the most difficult of the masks to wear. It requires the wearer to be without characteristic. The concept is as ethereal as it sounds. Too little effort and the performer is dead flat–unwatchable. Too much and the performer overbears on the delicacy of the mask, making the performance thick and clumsy. Mastery of the neutral mask is the disappearance of the performer into the neutrality of the task.

This is what I think is in your class and in your teaching and what I think makes you so special. This difficult-to-describe being-ness. You inhabit the practice and the teaching thereof so as to be both entirely present and out of its way, not superimposing yourself even one iota more than critical to provide for your students and hold space, all while supporting and compelling a deep practice for all . . . on a screen, no less.

Nothing short of magic.

I hope this is digestible. I know it is “out there. . . ”

Rafael Kalichstein

We have been attending Dav’s online yoga classes since the lockdown began for about once a week. The pace of the practice is actually really nice. And we both realize the time really pass quickly during his class as compared to most of the other online classes we tried. And for someone new to the practice like myself, the cues are all clear and easy to follow. Explanations on joint and muscle movement really helps me understand my body’s strength and limitations.

Dav is a wonderful teacher, he is challenging and accommodating , as he encourages you to do your best for what your body needs.

Marly & Naseer

My yoga practice with Davin started during my stay in Doha 3 years ago.

I was very happy to have finally found someone who can guide and correct my postures, enhancing alignment and core control. The first time I attended his class: he sure knew what he was doing and with confidence. I was definitely convinced that I wanted to practice under his guidance and knowledge.

I decided then to undertake private classes and it turned out very positive for me. He pushed and encouraged me. It was one hell of an hour of yoga but still very enjoyable thanks to his music playlist! I definitely recommend Dav to anybody who wants to start or advance his/her practice. He is a good listener and adapts the postures to all levels (even if he is well known to lead a hard vinyasa level which I am fond of). I spent most of my yoga time practicing: “open hips.. hip alignment… lift the knee cap.. open your heart…hamstrings…..” these are his words.. I really enjoyed my yoga every moment under his guidance.

Now that I am away from Doha, I miss his guidance. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen please enjoy while he is in Doha., He is definitely a good teacher/mentor, a role model to follow him from being an electrician to a great yoga teacher. Namaste.

Toulouse, France

Dav’s passion for yoga is palpable in every single one of his classes. His positivity and strength are infectious and an inspiration to keep pursuing this practice. He has the uncanny ability to keep the flow moving in a room full of people, whilst giving individual attention to those who need it. Dav’s meticulous approach to every session translates to challenging sessions that stimulate body, mind, and soul.

Maria Arias
Calgary, Canada

I first met Davin when he was teaching meditation at my local yoga studio. He was incredibly calm with a sense of presence that was new to me at the time. His classes were challenging and yet woven into them was always that sense of fun. It wasn’t long before I found my way to his asana classes. Davin has an amazing ability to break down more complicated poses into manageable stages and that include intelligent strengthening of the areas of the body that are needed to maintain the asana. He also has the patience to teach each step meticulously and with understanding and enthusiasm. Classes are fun, challenging and strengthening with smart alignment based queues.

We worked together initially when I was injured. He took time to understand my needs and to help me accept where I was starting from. He then helped me build on my practice – helping me to understand my body and what it is capable of. He always looked for ways to make the practice accessible to me and was always enthusiastic about where I was but keen to demonstrate the next stage.

In my opinion he has a real gift for teaching. His understanding of yoga is continually developing – the teachings of which he passes directly to his students. He is inspiring and motivating to be around and incredible to practice with. I feel blessed and lucky to have learned so much from him and I miss being able to do regular classes with him. I am lucky to have attended some of his retreats – these are amazing. Davin himself has a great sense of humor and adventure and these are definitely evident on his retreats.

Mandy Hamilton
Hackney, London

I’ve done yoga on and off for 20 years, tried various styles, with different teachers, in different countries. Then I met Davin. If ever there was a person whose dharma is to teach yoga, it’s definitely Davin! He leads by his own personal devotion to yoga and his self-discipline is an inspiration and a motivation in itself.

Lindsay Ratcliffe

Dav is an extremely knowledgeable, passionate and charismatic teacher. He tailors his classes to suit his clientele, challenges you physically to enable you to progress safely and you will come out of his practice feeling relaxed, strong and revitalized. I have attended Dav’s classes for over a year; I have made incredible progress in my strength, form and listening to my body. He maintains great standards in all classes and really is a Jack of all trades. I particularly enjoy his advanced vinyasa where he introduces hand balances into vinyasa flows. His classes have it all and are totally addictive!

Kasha Natalia

Dav’s yoga retreats are something that should go up there on everyone’s bucket list. I am not one who usually writes testimonials but here I am writing one after spending 6 incredible days in Jodhpur, India. The retreat came together in such a synchronous harmonious way that it left all of us feeling connected and peaceful. Aside from our daily asana and pranayama practice, we been through other adventures together from zip lining to attending an Indian wedding (I know random) to crying at a Reiki session and much more. I believe everyone found a little piece of themselves that they didn’t know they were searching for, and I returned home with a renewed sense of motivation to take on life’s challenges with grace and a smile. I thank Dav for creating such a wonderful experience, and I would highly recommend his retreats for anyone looking for a little affirmation, guidance, rest, peace and FUN!

Dina Rashed

Dav’s passion and genuine commitment to all aspects of yoga is inspiring. His classes are always perfectly paced, challenging yet playful, without being impossible. He is attentive and provides gentle adjustments and useful tips and his knowledge of anatomy and physiology is really impressive. Plus his music playlists are awesome!

Camila Moraes
Ashtanga Primary Series | India 2014