Warrior 3 Fundamentals

Dav explores the fundamental applications around the Warrior 3 posture. Application around muscle contractions – which connective tissues to shorten and which tissues to lengthen along with techniques and tips of the posture.

Why practice Warrior 3 Fundamentals?

The Warrior 3 Fundamentals class focuses on the essential aspects of the Warrior 3 pose (Virabhadrasana III), a frequent balancing yoga posture that features frequently in the modern-day postural yoga asana practice. This pose is a great test to the practitioner’s balance, poise, technique, and concentration. Warrior 3 challenges the practitioner’s ability to maintain stability balancing on one foot while the other leg is extended back. The option of what to do with the arms depends on the intention of the movement practice.
Practicing this pose can enhance concentration, improve your balance, and give a sense of ownership of one’s movement potential on the yoga mat. This posture is suitable for all levels, variations on yoga blocks for beginners can be a great asset with multiple other variations of Warrior 3 being available to challenge the more experienced yogis.

Benefits of Warrior 3 Fundamentals

Benefits Explanations
Improves Balance Challenges the stability of the ankles, knees, and hips. A great posture enhances how the body weight bears through the 3 arches of the feet.
Strengthens Muscles Strengthens the lower back, and legs, and depending on the position of the arms can target certain muscles of the shoulders.
Enhances Focus Requires concentration to efficiently balance, which helps improve mental focus and promotes clarity of the mind.
Improves Posture Aligns the spine and helps correct posture by strengthening the posterior muscles supporting the spine.
Promotes Hip Flexion and Extension Primarily stretches the hamstrings in the standing leg and shortens the gluteus maximus muscle in the rear leg.

Join Dav’s Warrior 3 Fundamentals class for a transformative experience that boosts your balance, strength, and focus. Ideal for all skill levels, this journey will inspire confidence and well-being through a supportive, step-by-step approach.


1. What if I’m not very flexible?

Flexibility is something that improves over time with regular practice. During this practice, Dav encourages the use of yoga blocks and a strap which are a great addition to helping practitioners with ‘tight’ muscle tissue. This class is designed to help you improve at your own pace, regardless of your starting point.

2. Can practicing Warrior 3 improve my fitness?

Depending on the intensity of your practice Warrior 3 can improve your muscular tone and ability to endure isometric postural holds.

3. Can I practice Warrior 3 with health issues?

Find variations of Warrior 3 and seek suggestions from a professional yoga teacher if you have issues with your legs, hips, or spine. Modify if you are pregnant.

4. How can I sign up for the Warrior 3 Fundamentals class?

Sign up on dav jones on Patreon and start the class.

5. What if I have more questions?

We’re here to help! Feel free to reach out via email at dav@davjonesyoga.com or fill out your details on the Contacts page on Davjonesyoga.com.

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