Hanumansana (Front Splits) Fundamentals

Join Dav for Hanumanasana (Front Splits) Fundamentals. Dav will guide you through the fundamentals of this challenging practice while sharing tips to enhance your flexibility, and mobility whilst enhancing confidence in achieving the splits. This practice is more for the intermediate practitioner but can be a useful class for beginners due to the focus on hip flexibility and mobility.

What is Hanumansana (Front Splits) Fundamentals?

Hanumansana (Front Splits) Fundamentals is a yoga class focused on teaching the fundamentals of accessing the Hanumansana pose. Commonly known as the front splits, this pose is named after the Hindu deity Hanuman and is known for its deep stretch that targets the hamstrings and hip flexors. The class provides detailed instructions on how to gradually and safely enter into the front splits, using various props like yoga blocks, straps, and a kneepad to support and prepare the practitioner for the pose.

Benefits of Hanumansana (Front Splits)

Benefits Explanations
Enhances Flexibility Gradually increases flexibility in the hamstrings and hip flexors, essential for accessing more range in the hip joints.
Increased Mobility Dav shares useful technical tips whilst stretching in different positions which in turn helps to create more space and range in the hip joint.
Clarity of mind Conscious present awareness practiced through this class can aid in helping the practitioner attain a clearer mindset.
Injury Prevention Regular practice stretches and strengthens the muscles around the hips and knees allowing there to be more control through the ranges of the hip, knee, and ankle joints.


1. Who can join the Hanumansana Fundamentals class?

This class is more suited to practitioners of an intermediate or advanced level of practitioner. Considering this, practitioners starting their practice are suited to giving this class a go by making sure they listen to their body and respect their flexibility limitations.

2. What props do I need for this class?

You will need two yoga blocks, one strap, and a knee pad to help support and perform the exercises safely.

3. Do I need any prior yoga experience to join the Hanumansana class?

Yes, prior yoga asana experience is recommended for this class.

4. Can this class help with sciatica?

Due to Sciatica being subjective to each individual, I would recommend the practitioner consult a physical therapist before practicing this class.

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