Maharishi Yoga Peeth 300hr Yoga Teacher Training

Maharishi Yoga Peeth 300hr Yoga Teacher Training

This Maharishi Yoga Peeth unique 300hr Yoga teacher training teaches the aspirant to develop an informed knowledge based approach to teaching yoga from a collection of asana styles in Vinyasa, Hatha (Iyengar informed), Ashtanga and Yin Yoga.

This training will also take adopt an in-depth practice and study into Yoga Philosophy, Kinesiology, Somatic Awareness & intuitive touch, Tantra Kriyas, mantra, mudra, pranayama, shatkarmas and ancient meditation techniques. This course, upon completion will accredit the trainee to register as a Registered Yoga Teacher 500 (RYT 500). *Please note – To enrol on a 300hr YTT you must have completed a 200hr YTT with a registered U.S Alliance accredited Yoga school.

Maharishi Yoga Peeth is a registered Yoga School with U.S Yoga Alliance.

Typical Daily schedule at Maharishi:

The teacher training is hosted at Hotel Yuvraj in Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh. The trainee will live an ashram-style lifestyle for the course of the training with the food diet being sattvic based. Six days per week will consist of a 2 x daily yoga asana class with the afternoons filled with study in Teaching Methodology, Raja Yoga Philosophy, Asana Lab, Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology of Yoga, Functional Mobility, Hand-Balance Fundamentals and much more.

With the core teaching faculty being led by international yoga teachers Dav Jones, Salma Othman and Sidharth Ji.

Maharishi Yoga Peeth 300hr Teacher Training Modules:
● Yoga Philosophy
● Teaching Methodology
● Meditation Practice & Theory
● Pranayama Practice & Theory
● Applied Anatomy, Physiology & Kinesiology
● Asana Practice – Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha & Yin Yoga
● Asana Lab – Fundamentals / Adjustments / Assists / Injury Modifications
● Somatic Awareness & Intuitive Touch
● Business Ethics

Next Maharishi Yoga Peeth 300hr Teacher Training:

March – 3rd – April 7th, 2024.

LOCATION: Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, India

Meet The Team:

Sidharth Ji – Founder of Maharishi Yoga Peeth

Sidharth Shankar Arukha, Yogi Sidharthji, is the founder of Maharishi Yoga Peeth. Situated on the banks of the mesmerising river Ganges that emerge from the Himalayan Mountains at the holy city of Rishikesh. Coming from a family of love, kindness and high traditions, values and spiritual practices, Yogiji has spent his early life in Odisha (Eastern India), a home of tribal cultures and ancient Hindu temples.

It was in 2008 when he finally decided to quit his “concrete jungle lifestyle” and launch his journey to live life through the glossy lens of Yoga and the spiritual practice.

Starting from the basics of Yoga, he perfected expertise in various styles of Hatha yoga, such as Sivananda, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Meditation techniques. In 2010, Yogiji arrived in the Yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh. He completed 200 hrs and 300 hrs of Certified Yoga Teacher Training from Shiva Yoga Peeth, licensed by Yoga Alliance USA. In 2012, he traveled south to Mysore, India, to become an authorized Ashtanga Yoga Educator and within the same year, he began managing and teaching at Shiva Yoga Peeth, Rishikesh, India. Through his Yogic way of lifestyle, Yogiji has also extracted the essence of various ancient meditative techniques such as Vipassana, Silence Meditation, Ancient Sound Healing etc., and used them extensively in his daily routine. His ideology as a Yoga Guru is to focus on each student’s needs with mindful attention on correct alignment, clear communication, thorough explanation and a proper demonstration of each practice.

In his words – “Your body is like the Tree…and Yoga is the Main Source that Enlightens your Path to Stay Connected with your Roots”

Davin Jones – E-RYT 500hr

Davin, or Dav as he usually goes by, has led workshops, retreats and yoga teacher trainings globally. His passion for sharing the teaching of yoga comes from the guidance he received early on in his yoga practice which has given him direction in his life to this day.

Dav believes that the art of teaching yoga is a skill, to which through practice you will become more proficient at. Davin wishes to impart his experience of over 9,000 hours of teaching to practitioners that are wanting to take the next step into the commitment of sharing the practice of yoga.

Dav’s teaching style is lighthearted and joyful. His classes are informed from an anatomical and kinesiology approach with his classes often being challenging yet accessible.

Dav’s self-practice includes spending a lot of his time on his hands, in either an inversion or a hand-balance, to which these postures often find their way into his class sequences.

Dav co-hosts international yoga retreats and trainings with Salma Ohm Illuminated, and together have co-created The Moksha Method: An approach to personal practice that’s been weaved into retreats and Yoga teacher trainings.

Salma Othman / OHM – E-RYT 200hr

Salma Othman is an interdisciplinary worker of yoga, energetics, bodywork, and integrated somatic trauma therapeutics. A benevolent investigator with a Jungian curiosity, Salma’s personal journey has and will continue to be a dance within dualities. Based from a culmination of esoteric Taoist and Buddhist practices, Shamanic therapeutics, Bodywork, Reiki, Psychomagick, Tarot, and teachings of the Munay Ki, the PsychoSomatic understanding is a baseline thread throughout her work and practices; allowing an integrated trauma informed approach to healing the mind, body, and Spirit.

Salma regularly runs circles, workshops, trainings, and somatic trauma therapy 1-1’s for her business OHM ILLUMINATED, a hub for alternative healing modalities. When teaching Asana, Salma pulls from different schools and lineages with an awareness to allow accessibility and curiosity into every person’s personal practice. Instilling autonomy and establishing higher levels of self awareness, or proprioception, is a key theme in her classes. Penduluming play and presence. Salma’s value is in creating a space wherein one can feel at ease with unpacking their tensions, from psycho, to soma.

She co-hosts international yoga retreats with Dav Jones Yoga, and together have co-created The Moksha Method: An approach to personal practice that’s been weaved into retreats recently held in Sicily, Italy, and Wales, UK.