With each one of Dav Jones Yoga classes having an anatomical focus; expect to sweat, and approach the yoga practice from a refreshing angle where Dav will unlock poses and transitions with intelligent techniques giving the practitioner new insight into moving on the yoga mat.

5 Class Pack

Select 5 classes from ONE of the catagorised types of yoga classes:

  • Just Starting Yoga – Learn the Fundamentals (Select 5 from All Levels Category)
  • Journey to a Peak Pose – Learn the techniques to achieve the chosen peak pose (Select 5)
  • Learn to hand balance – Learn the Fundamentals and techniques of hand-balancing (Select 5)

10 Class Pack

Select a mix of ANY 10 classes from the catagorised types of classes

  • Mix & Match – Choose a balance of classes from all four of the yoga categories (Select 10)
  • Relax & Rejuvenate – Slow things down and draw your awareness inwards (Select 10)
  • Advance your practice – Get stronger and more graceful around the yoga mat (Select 10)

Monthly Class Pack

Subscribing to the monthly membership will give you access to customize your yoga package. Selecting up to 25 classes from any of the types of catagorised classes.

  • ACCESS up to 25 DJY pre-recorded classes

Unlimited Monthly class Membership

Subscribing to the ‘Unlimited class monthly membership’ will give you access to as many classes within a 30 day period. Select from any of the types of catagorised classes.

  • ACCESS to all DJY pre-recorded classes