Practice with Dav Jones Yoga

Motivation | Inspiration | Patience

Welcome to Dav Jones Yoga.

Yoga Retreats in India: Unlock Your Potential with Us

Motivation, Inspiration, Patience.

Explore the practice of yoga with Dav Jones. Dav will guide you from a blend of east and western spiritual practices based in the traditions of Yoga.

Receive guidance with anatomical expertise in your movement practice; mindful approaches to help support your mental chatter and traditional philosophies based from the teachings Raja and Sankhya Yoga.

Hi my name is Dav

If you love yoga and all things related to movement you’re in the right place. My passion for yoga and how it has guided me to this current day excites me to share with you my love for teaching.

I will challenge what you thought you were capable of, inspire you in class and provide motivation for your self practice.

I’ve done yoga on and off for 20 years, tried various styles, with different teachers, in different countries. Then I met Davin. If ever there was a person whose dharma is to teach yoga, it’s definitely Davin! He leads by his own personal devotion to yoga and his self-discipline is an inspiration and a motivation in itself.
Lindsay Ratcliffe, London
Dav’s passion and genuine commitment to all aspects of yoga is inspiring. His classes are always perfectly paced, challenging yet playful, without being impossible. He is attentive and provides gentle adjustments and useful tips and his knowledge of anatomy and physiology is really impressive. Plus his music playlists are awesome!
Camila Moraes, Ashtanga Primary Series | India 2014
Dav’s passion for yoga is palpable in every single one of his classes. His positivity and strength are infectious and an inspiration to keep pursuing this practice. He has the uncanny ability to keep the flow moving in a room full of people, whilst giving individual attention to those who need it. Dav’s meticulous approach to every session translates to challenging sessions that stimulate body, mind, and soul.
Camila Moraes, Calgary, Canada